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  1. Mike Day

    Loved the album Caleb…I’ll bet I know where you got some of those licks 🙂

  2. Noah Fletcher

    Caleb!!!!! Sup……Totally awesome bruh!

  3. MGabby

    Caleb, I am proud of you for being a grounded young man. You have set the bar high for those who choose to follow in your foot steps. I am bless that you and your family where part of my sons youth. Whats next? I look forward to seeing more of your work, “you built it” and deserve the honor and glory that comes with it. God Bless You

  4. TAP family

    Caleb, because of you and your WOW talent, our radio is now on jazz….sorry country…could you somehow combine the two? ha! You’ve definitely found your musical love for sax which will lead you to God’s purpose for blessing you with it! Looking forward to meeting you for “real” not just on a monitor! Hugs 2 U, “T” family

  5. Rachelle

    Your music rocks and so does your accent 😉

  6. rianne

    kewl man kewl. ^_^ thanks for sharing your musical gifts with the world 🙂 God has truly blessed you 😀 have a nice day in “cow”ville 😉 bye 🙂

  7. Tangela

    Loved hearing you perform at the college. The Golden West Band is fortunate to have your talented self. Continue to pursue your dreams!! 😉

  8. Elijah Rox

    love ur work bro! can’t wait to see u blow up

  9. Nik

    Awesome website dude. Keep on playin that sax!

  10. Mark

    DUUUDDDEEEEE…..Awesome site man. This is legit…I love it. Looking forward to hearing you play live man.

  11. Inna :)

    Just saying hello and letting you know I WAS HERE 🙂 awesome website -God bless ya

  12. Matt Leder

    Nice site and pleasure playing with you. Keep in touch!

  13. Christine

    Hey Caleb! It was great meeting you yesterday and thanks for a fun day! May you grow deeper in the Father’s love and experience new levels of His amazing grace today 🙂

  14. Javier gaitan

    Hey caleb wow what a great solo on alto just meeting you was great now that I know how much of a great player you are you left me surprised with your talant, what’s worth more is your love for God ……. He will take you above what you ask or think ….
    Thanks………………Javier from c3sf….

  15. Jim L in GSO

    My buddy Caleb is simply the best! He not only has amazing passion for music, but he is a great entertainer too. If you haven’t booked him for a gig, go RIGHT NOW and get in touch with him.

    Peace brother! Be safe!

  16. Patrick Flynn

    When are you going to offer ukulele lessons? “Somewhere …..”

  17. LaShea

    LOOOOVE YOUR MUSIC! So hot, i never thought i could like the saxaphone so much 😉 Very talented 🙂

  18. Susan

    Caleb, love your music and style……Your web site is awesome!!!!


  19. Mel

    Wow, and he plays golf too!! Broke 100, shot a 98, for the first time today.

  20. Nathan Alston

    What can I say about Caleb, but simply AMAZING! The passion he has for his music! He played in Love Machine The Musical. A show wrote & directed. I was so pleased with his performace that I offered him to play full time in the 2010/2011 tours. An amazing musician. An amazing person, inside and out.

    -Nathan Alston
    The NAROSHMI Theatre Company / Nathan Alston Productions
    Owner & Producing Artistic Director

    Where Entertainment Meets the World!

  21. Dustin

    What’s up Kenny G, I mean Caleb B. Your gonna be playing them big gigs one of these days.

  22. Doc

    Maybe you were listening all that time I thought you were sleeping 🙂

  23. Dr. J

    I love your music. You’re so Hot

  24. Sam

    Hey Caleb.. showing u some love homeboy.. Korea is not the same without u here.. but take care and know that even though Im half way across the world.. I got ur back… hahaha

  25. Aijan

    Caleb, you are so talented! I can’t stop listening your music. I really want to take lessons from you cuz it was my dream to play jazz. I even ordered some books from the US but seems that I dont feel it or can’t…
    Anyways I thank Krystal for sending me your link!

  26. Kim

    This is great! I always enjoy hearing you play, now I can do it at will. Let me know when you’re playing next and I’ll see if I can make it around. 🙂

  27. Olivia

    Thanks for sharing. Fabulous website.
    I’m in the mist of major wedding plans.
    When you play somewhere in G’boro, let me
    know and I will come.

  28. Barbi Baker

    Hi Caleb,

    Cool site! Thanks for sending me the link. Do you want to play at WineStyles in March? I have several Friday & Saturday evenings open. Let me know. Cheers!


  29. Ryan

    Nice site man, wha’d you program it in? Dreamweaver? Some online tool? I’m doin a lot of web programming at work now, so I was curious.

    Also ur music iz pretie.

  30. Klove

    Im your biggest fan! Well close to biggest:)

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